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Two dogs
Trimming the Fur
  1. Did you know that regular grooming for your pet will maintain a healthy coat and skin

  2. keep the nails short but helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduces the risk of infection

  3. look and smell great

  4. detect early issues with ears, skin, teeth and more! 

  5. SAVE your family budget in the long run!

  6. have a happier and healthier pet!

The Importance of Grooming Your Puppy

Grooming is not just about maintaining your dog’s level of cleanliness, and it is not just about keeping your dog good-looking. 

Cleaning the Ears and Eyes: A How-To Guide for Puppies (and Dogs)

There is often no harder grooming task than cleaning a puppy’s ears and eyes. 

Dog Chocolate Toxicity Meter

Chocolate contains substances known as methylxanthines (specifically caffeine and theobromine), which dogs are far more sensitive to than people.

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